About Daniela

Draw from my experience.

Although I was born in Italy, I have been a citizen of the world for most of my life, living in over ten countries while working for a number of international organisations, initially in the luxury Travel & Tourism sector, later in other industries.

I have had the privilege to learn from top business individuals and to operate in environments with very high standards of business practices; having managed teams in different cultures and languages, has taught me first-hand management and leaderships skills.

Past mentors have described me as “She thrives on organising and following through with commitments and teaches others how to be successful.”

“She ensures that standards are met, resources conserved and consequences delivered.” “She makes sure than others have what they need not only want they want.

In context with my work as a Business Educator over the past decade, I can add that “I help people execute their dreams”. That’s why I operate specifically in the privately-owned sector in all sorts of industries; in every country the economy is driven by the small and medium organisations and the impact they can have on the Profit (financial outcomes), the People (the employees, the customers, the family, the community) and the Planet (environmental, protection and more) is simply MAGNIFIED! and my purpose is to help you with that.

I can tell you a lot about myself and all the years of experience I have as a Business Professional but frankly, you can look up such credentials on my LinkedIn profile. I am also of the opinion that clients, past and present, will give you a better impartial picture of my work and services so, although you can read a number of testimonials on this site, I would be delighted to introduce you to any of them.

Daniela Grendene