The power of memorable values

Date: Thursday 27th May 2021 Time: 15.00pm – 16.30pm CET

Have you ever felt, as the owner of a business, that sometimes, somehow your team members don’t seem to be aligned with the core values of your business? 

They either don’t remember them or you have the suspicion that they think they are just your values, not theirs; or they tell you that they like or agree with your values but more often than not their behavior demonstrates the opposite. 

It is very likely that you spent a considerable amount of time going through the process of identifying your core values, you think they are very important, some organisations print them on the walls. 

But what about if they are just nice words? What about if they are just aspirational values? I often find that companies aspire to be excellent and with the best intentions, but they typically don’t think “how can I be excellent today?”. Some companies have too many values so their value, pan intended, is confused or diluted.

So how can we build powerful values that we absolutely believe in and that we live and demonstrate every day?

That’s why “The power of memorable values” is the topic we are going to discuss on Thursday 22nd April at 14.00GMT/15.00CET at the next Inner Circle web event, opened to Directors and Executives in the privately-owned sector. 

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