Start the new year with a sharp state of mind

Date: Thursday 21st January 2021 Time: 15.00pm – 16.30pm CET

You own a business and you have successfully made it to 2021! Congratulations.

You might have survived or you might have pivoted, or you might even have thrived. In one way or in another, you have had to think and work hard, with your team. Hopefully you have been enjoying a bit of a break over the festive season and some quality time with your family. Now, it all starts again in January. You might be motivated but how mentally strong do you feel? Do you have just a positive mindset or a focused mindset?

During this business education session, we will discuss and learn a number of practical tools and ideas to sharpen your mind emotionally and intellectually, so that you can stay on top of what you need to do, manage your team effectively and deliver customers’ delight.

This event is conducted online and reserved for Directors and Executives of small/medium privately-owned companies.

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