Moving beyond “SMART” goals

Date: Thursday 25th March 2021 Time: 15.00pm – 16.30pm CET

I would say that pretty much everyone in business knows about setting goals and targets for the business. So why is it that I constantly meet Business Owners and Executives who struggle with that? 

1. Some don’t have a written plan, it’s vague and it’s in their heads, the team doesn’t know about it. 

2. Many people’s target is only about revenue, in fact they say “If we reach that X number this year, we are going to be ok”. 

3. Others can’t see a vision or a destination for the business, the process can be daunting. 

4. Those who have a plan, tend to have a list of priorities and activities but the plan is not outcome-driven. 

Whether your financial year starts in April or whether it started in January, if you don’t have a solid plan right now, you are putting your business and team at risk, even more so now as we will need to be prepared for the economic impact of the pandemic.

That’s why “Moving beyond SMART goals” is the topic we are going to discuss on Thursday 25th March at 14.00GMT/15.00CET at the next Inner Circle web event.

This is not a planning session and is not about planning tools, it’s more about the ability to see and create a vision for the business to which one is emotionally attached so that setting priorities and activities become easier.
– I will provide some valuable frameworks
– we will share experiences 
– we will discuss practical suggestions 

This web event is for Executives in the privately-owned sector, offering Directors, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Managers a practical business education and development environment. 

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