Why it is more than Corporate Social Responsibility

Date: Thursday 19th August 2021 Time: 15.00pm – 16.30pm CET

Although the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility has been in place for a few decades now, in my experience I have found that it tends to be adopted by larger organisations and the term CSR rarely appears in the small-medium size privately owned sector.

Of course many of these smaller organisations also integrate a social and environmental aspect within their business, it is just that it is called something else like “giving back to the community” or it is expressed by sponsoring some local charities.

But what if your business could be much more than that? What if your business’ success could make a much greater impact and really make a difference?

Join me as we discuss live how you can accomplish the great things you actually desire in your business AND to feel fulfilled throughout the entire process.

Thursday 19th August 14.00GMT / 15.00 CET

Web event opened to Directors and Executives in the privately-owned sector.

For more information contact daniela@danielagrendene.com 

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